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The Impact of Micromanaging

    Oh, the micromanager; hovering, peering over shoulders, ensuring perfection, checking, and double-checking everything! As a manager, you carry the weight of accountability for everything. So naturally, you might find yourself tempted to insert yourself into… Read More »The Impact of Micromanaging

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    Focus on What Matters

      Do you ever find yourself running around like a beheaded chicken at work, constantly changing direction with every email or customer request? Perhaps you’ve implemented new procedures, only to have them revised or eliminated within… Read More »Focus on What Matters

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      Feedback is a Gift

        Feedback is a gift? Chocolate, diamonds, flowers, those are gifts! Feedback is just words. Actually, it is one of the most important (and inexpensive) gifts that you can give your employees. Feedback shows people you… Read More »Feedback is a Gift

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        Tackling Self Doubt

          The self-doubt gremlin likes to attack frequently and is armed with a pointy spear, relentlessly attacking your vulnerable core. We’ve all been there, hearing that little voice inside our heads whispering malicious thoughts like, “You’re… Read More »Tackling Self Doubt

          Why Are You A Manager?

            Welcome to the world of management, where superpowers are a prerequisite for success. As a manager, you’re expected to conjure utopia for your employees, provide platinum-level service to demanding customers, achieve perfection according to your… Read More »Why Are You A Manager?