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My Story

Hi, I’m Deb. I was a manager for over 25 years, working mainly in the financial service industry. I was fortunate to attend all kinds of leadership workshops and conferences. Throughout my career I was coached, trained, mentored, and I was a coach, trainer and mentor. While I was satisfied with my career progression, I felt I could have made more of an impact if I had taken more time to really focus on personal development, reflect on my progress, and get regular feedback on what I did well, and what I could do better. I did some things right and just as many things wrong. When I retired from my role, I wasn’t convinced I left much of a footprint.

Retirement and a pandemic allows for a lot of time to read extensively and reflect on my career. What worked best and why? What was happening during the times I was feeling a lack of confidence in my role? What could I have done differently to be more effective? And on and on. This hindsight won’t do me any good but it can help you. My goal is to share what I knew then and what I know now. I want you to have the impact you desire and to leave a King Kong footprint.

About the Blog

Learning starts by reading and deepens by reflection. Each post includes Ponder Points to help you reflect and gain insight.

I don’t believe in quick fixes and chasing the newest, greatest, best leadership techniques. I don’t believe there are 5 steps or 7 characteristics or 8 questions that will turn you into a great leader. What I believe in is you. You, being aware of who you are and understanding and accepting your areas for development.

Change happens only when you take action, persist, and reflect on your progress. Then start the cycle over. One step at a time.

It’s no fun doing it alone and you’re more likely to persist when you involve others. Share to succeed and celebrate your progress.